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The ASDB presents scientific data on altered states experiences
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The ASDB provides background information to foster the understanding of scientific data. Here you can learn how altered state experiences are measured within scientific studies.

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In the ASDB you can find scientific data on various altered states experiences. You can compare what experiences are elicited by different drugs and non-pharmacological methods that induce altered states.

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The Altered States Blog keeps you updated on current research. We feature the latest news from conferences, scientific publications and other scientific sources of altered states research.

A Platform with scientific data

Use the ASDB to compare what experiences are elicited by which mind-altering practices

The ASDB was developed by neuroscientists and university students.
The ASDB can be used by scientists and provides a comprehensive overview of existing literature on the psychometric assessment of altered states of consciousness.
The ASDB constitutes a unique encyclopedic research tool. Additionally, we work on related Wikipedia articles. With our Wikiproject we bring scientific information on experiences induced by different drugs and other mind altering methods into public awareness. Only unbiased, scientific data constitutes a reliable source to avoid unintended effects.


The ASDB was created by scientists

Timo T. Schmidt

… is working at the
University of Osnabrück and at the
Freie Universität Berlin as a neuroscientist
In my work as a neuroscientist, I focus on the study of brain processes during altered states of consciousness with current neuroimaging methods, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).


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